Salvage Your Booking And Save Money

Looking for money back on a travel booking you can't use?

How much money you can get back depends on things like who you’ve booked with and how much your booking is worth. We review every booking and offer our Salvage Booking service only when we believe it’s your best route to maximum money back.

Our FREE booking review lets you know all of your options upfront ensuring we only look for new passengers for you when your booking is economical to transfer.


Step 1: Select your booking type (below) to send us your booking details.


Step 2: We’ll review your booking FREE and check the best options for you.


Step 3: Choose our Salvage Service to recover as much of your booking cost as possible.

Step 4: When we recover money on your booking we pay the savings to you.

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I can't use my travel booking, what should I do?

If you can’t use a flight, holiday or other travel service you have booked, send us the details for a FREE personalised review of your options.

From there we can help you decide the best way forward and continue to help you recover as much as possible from your cancelled plans.

Can I transfer my booking to someone else?

Yes, most travel bookings are transferable. Travel suppliers will often permit name changes in their booking conditions and, depending on what you have booked, you may have the right to transfer your booking under the Package Travel Regulations even if your supplier’s booking conditions don’t expressly say so.

If you can’t use your flight to holiday then transferring it to someone else is often the best way to avoid full cancellation fee and get money back. Our Salvage Service is a hassle free and secure way of finding someone else to use your booking.

How much does your Salvage Service cost?

There are no upfront costs to pay. You can submit your booking details and speak to our experts to work out the best route forward for you and your booking FREE of charge.

If you go on to use our Salvage Service to recover costs either through transferring the booking to someone else, or any of our other recovery routes, then we charge a 10% commission. Note that our commission is only charged on what we save you, not the total price someone might pay for your booking. This guarantees we’re always working to save you as much money as possible.

I've already cancelled my booking, can you still help?

Yes. Whether any costs are still recoverable depends on what your booking is and who you made the booking with. Send us the details and we’ll check for you.