Having or showing shrewdness and good judgement, especially in money or business matters.


Rather than cancel your flight or holiday you could get money back for the booking you can’t use. Our safe and secure service will review all your options and maximise the amount you can recover.


Let our specialists take away the hassle and work to save you money. Our cancellation experts are here to help you and offer initial advice and guidance free of charge.


The options you have to save money when you can’t use a booking depend on who you have booked with. We’ve summarised supplier transfer and cancellation terms for you to easily check.

Our Process

Cancelling travel plans can be costly and time consuming but we’re here to help guide you through your options and get more money back.

1. Tell us about your booking

Input your flight or holiday details, answering some questions about your booking, and we’ll tell you how much it will cost to cancel or change, if it’s transferable and if there are any other avenues for either avoiding a cancellation or reducing your cancellation fees.

2. We'll do the hard work

We have an expert understanding of travel booking conditions and your rights as a traveller to help you decide what’s best for you and your booking. We offer a secure Booking Salvage Service where you can look to transfer your booking to someone else instead of cancelling it saving you the hassle of finding new travellers.

3. Reduce your cancellation costs

You might just use our options summary to confidently resolve the change of plans yourself. Or you might decide to save your time and opt for us to handle the booking for you. We can deal directly with your agent or travel provider to reclaim any flight taxes or transfer the booking to someone else. We offer independent and flexible support and only charge fees when we actually save you money.

Transferable Travel Bookings

Thousands of transferable flights and holidays are cancelled each year costing millions in lost cancellation fees. If your booking is transferable we can help you offer your reservation and securely transfer it to someone else. An excellent way to avoid cancellation fees and reduce your losses.

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