About Us

Saving your time and money when cancelling travel plans

If your circumstances change and you can’t use your flight or holiday booking you won’t find many travel providers rushing to refund your money. The more of your booking cost you get back the less the travel providers get to keep so it’s not surprising really.

Often it seems your only options are to make a claim for the cancellation on your travel insurance policy or accept losing up to 100% of your booking costs. However there are several ways you can recover some, and potentially all, of your money. Our aim is to raise awareness of travel rights and cancellation options like the right to transfer or refundable airport taxes. Maybe you can avoid cancelling the booking and let someone else travel in your place but, if you do have to cancel we can help you get more money back.

We offer FREE info and advice if you think you need to cancel your flight, holiday or other travel booking. Even if you have already cancelled we might still be able to help you get some of your money back.

Contact us with your reservation details and our friendly, experienced cancellation specialists will assess your booking to guide you through your options. Save your time, money and efforts with our booking salvage service.