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How does your Booking Salvage Service work for sellers?

To best help you with your cancellation we start by taking a look over the booking details and all it’s associated terms and conditions. Alongside this we’ll consider the booking type and what general rights may be available to you such as the right to transfer your booking to someone else.

Depending on your individual circumstances we’ll make a recommendation on how to get most value back from your booking. If transferring the booking to someone new is a good option for recovering some of your costs we’ll invite you to consider our Booking Salvage Service to find new travellers.

Before committing to our service we’ll offer a realistic idea of how much your booking is likely to sell for explaining why we came to that price and how much that would get back for you after all name change fees. Our unique Booking Salvage Service offers a hassle free and secure way to offer and transfer your booking. We charge a small advance fee for the Booking Salvage Service of £2.99 for single component bookings and £5.99 for all others. This covers a small portion of the costs we incur handling your booking throughout the process.

We minimise your time by taking care of all buyer enquiries so you don’t have to keep checking your inbox. If your booking is taken on by another of our customers offering the agreed sale price we’ll work with you and your travel provider to make the name changes. Once the booking has been confirmed as successfully transferred we pass the buyers payment to you less agreed fees.

If we can’t find new travellers for your booking we’ll either discuss revising the sale price or, if you do need to cancel we look to other options for minimising your cancellation costs. e.g. claiming a refund on your airport taxes.

Our Salvage Fee is 10% commission on what you save. Commission is charged only on the amount you save after names have been changed, not the total price we receive for your booking. If we need to reclaim the airport taxes for you the full refund is yours. We don’t charge commission or fees for making your tax refund request.

Individual circumstances and bookings vary considerably so we offer a flexible, personalised and professional service to help you simply do what’s best for YOU.

How does the Booking Salvage Service work for buyers?

Transferable flights and holidays are offered at discounted prices by individuals looking to transfer their booking rather than cancel it. Cancelling can incur up to 100% of the booking cost, however often the passenger names can be changed instead. When flights, hotels and holidays are offered through our Booking Salvage Service you have the opportunity to take on the booking for much less than it would cost to make a new reservation. To keep things simple, bookings are offered inclusive of all airline or provider’s name change fees.

When you see a booking you like, get in touch vie the offer page so we can answer any queries and review your offer with the seller. The full booking cost must be paid to us along with a 5% administration fee, and new passenger details provided, within 48 hours of purchase. Your payment is held in trust until and is not released until we can confirm the booking is successfully transferred. You’ll receive confirmation of the transfer and new booking details showing the updated passenger details.

Canny Travel are on hand to assist in facilitating a secure booking transfer but your booking is not held or provided by us. We can help where possible but ongoing booking queries after the transfer should be made directly to the relevant travel provider(s).

Individual circumstances and bookings vary considerably so we offer a flexible, personalised and professional service to help you simply do what’s best for YOU.

Are my flight or holiday tickets transferable?

Transferability will depend on what type of booking you have and who you have contracted with to make the reservation. Terms and conditions between agents vary considerably but many airlines will let you transfer your flight to someone else.
>> Check my airline’s T&C’s

Package Holidays fall under regulations which expressly allow you to transfer your booking if circumstances prevent you from travelling. Other factors should also be considered like how much the same fare is selling for now and how much it’s going to cost to change the passenger names. We can check all this for you.

The full conditions attached to your booking can be spread across several suppliers. Even if you’ve booked a flight direct with the airline, finding complete information on cancelling, transferring and their associated fees can involve visiting several areas of their websites. The information needed to make a fully informed choice on what to do with your booking is not always easily available. You can avoid lengthy customer service calls and scrutinising the T&C’s by instead simply upload your booking details one of our cancellation specialists will look over the details and summarise your options for you.

Your booking review is completed for FREE and there is no obligation to use our Booking Salvage Service afterwards if you choose not to. Although, if your flight or holiday is transferable it is the most hassle free way to advertise and securely transfer your booking.

How do I advertise my flight or holiday tickets?

Simply send us your booking details so we can review your booking and make sure that transferring it will be economical for both you and potential buyers. When we confirm that transferring your tickets to someone else suits your booking and circumstances we’ll invite you to use our Booking Salvage Service. It’s a hassle free way to advertise and securely transfer your booking.

What does Canny Travel charge to help with my booking?

When you send us your booking details our initial review and recommendation is offered for FREE with no obligation to use our Booking Salvage Service. The bookings we see are diverse so this gives you an independent overview of what options you have and how we can help your individual booking when you can’t use it.

We charge a nominal advance fee to engage our Booking Salvage Service for help minimising your cancellation costs. £2.99 for single element bookings (flight only, accommodation, cruise) and £5.99 for bookings involving several elements or providers (package holiday, flight plus holiday).

When we save you money we charge a commission at just 10% of what you save compared to having cancelled. Our commission is charged on the amount you get back after all name change costs have been taken out, not on the total amount someone pays for your booking. You can be assured that we’re working to save you as much as realistically possible.

Our Salvage Fee is 10% commission only on what you save, not the total amount we receive for your booking. If we go on to reclaim the airport taxes for you through our Booking Salvage Service the full refund is yours in full. We do not charge commission on money recovered through tax refund requests.

Can I change the travel dates on my flight or holiday?

Many travel providers will allow you to move your booking to another departure date, duration or destination. If changing the travel dates on your flight or holiday would enable you to still travel and enjoy your booking first check availability for the dates you’d prefer. Those who permit changes will tend to charge an administration fee for any changes made. You should expect to pay any increase in price between what you paid what the new dates are selling for at the time you make the change. There may also be further fees to pay if you have booked via a third party agent.

For a quick way to check airline change fees and conditions see our Know the T&C’s series.

How do I decide how much to sell my booking for?

Before you commit to our Booking Salvage Service we will have reviewed your booking and, if it’s transferable, given a reasoned recommendation on how much to set as a minimum sale price. There are a few aspects to consider like how much it would cost to make the same booking new, how close you are to departure etc. When agreeing a minimum sale price with you we look to find a balance between minimising financial loss for you and offering an attractive deal to potential buyers.

How do I communicate with potential buyers?

All enquiries from potential buyers come through to our team. When you choose our Booking Salvage Service to advertise and securely transfer your booking we handle enquiries for you. We’ll contact you with any updates and offers received, and you can contact us for info at any time, but you don’t need to keep checking the site to answer questions about your booking. We take care of that for you leaving your time free to focus on more important matters.

How long do you advertise my booking?

We don’t place time limits on how long you can advertise your booking with us. You may choose to advertise for a set time period or simply decide to leave your offer in place until it can be successfully transferred.

How do you actually transfer the booking?

Once you’ve accepted an offer and we’ve received payment from the buyer we will work with you and the travel provider to ensure the booking is smoothly transferred. Usually it is possible for us to complete the process for you which will require your authorisation or access to your booking. This enables us to provide the new passenger details and arrange settlement of the providers name change fees.

How do I subscribe to Canny Travel?

When you subscribe you’ll receive email updates from us highlighting our latest cancellation offers and team news. Subscribe through this link.

What payment methods do you accept?

We can accept payment made using credit/debit card (Stripe), PayPal or direct bank transfer. On receipt of a fee invoice or booking payment request you can select your preferred payment method.

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