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COVID-19 – Safe Travel Measures

The Manchester Airports Group (MAG) has introduced a series of health measures to provide a safe environment for staff and passengers. (MAG also own London Stansted and East Midlands Airports.)

A series of measures are being introduced to ensure leisure and business travellers enjoy a safe and pleasant experience while passing through the terminal.

Passengers arriving and travelling through the airport are asked to respect physical distancing.

Most shops and restaurants are currently closed so be aware that options for food and drink are severely limited.

If driving to Manchester Airport, be aware that only a limited number of car parks are currently operating.

Manchester Airport continues to follow all UK Government guidance and remains in regular contact with the relevant health authorities with regards to the latest developments on Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Passing Through Security

To help limit the number of travellers passing through security at any one time, Manchester Airport are requesting all passengers pre-book a time slot for security in advance. Click here to book your slot.

Download the Manchester Airport App

Manchester Airport has a handy app you can use to get flight updates and airport information etc. Click here to download the Manchester Airport app.

Manchester Airport Info - Keep safe distance
Manchester Airport Info - Wear Face Mask
Manchester Airport Info - Temperature Checks
Manchester Airport Info - Passengers only

Additional Measures

All passengers should arrive at the airport wearing protective facial coverings. Those who don’t will be able to purchase them in the terminal.

Anyone who is experiencing Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms or feeling unwell should not travel to the airport.

Temperature screening technology is being trialled and may be undertaken when you enter security.

Protective screening has been installed in key areas of the airport such as check-in desks and security areas.

Hand sanitiser dispensers have been installed across the airport. Passengers and staff are encouraged to use them as frequently as possible as they pass through the terminal.

Cleaning procedures have been enhanced throughout the airport.

UV technology is being trialled on some escalators to keep handrails as clean as possible.

For more information on the measures implemented by Manchester Airport click here.

Manchester Airport’s latest tweets:

Contact Information

Manchester Airport
2nd Floor
Olympic House
Manchester Airport
M90 1QX

General Enquiries: Tel 0808 169 7030

Online Contact Form: CLICK HERE

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