Services to Help You

We understand that things can change between booking a flight or holiday and actually departing. Sometimes circumstances totally out with your control may prevent you from travelling or for a variety of reasons you might decide not to go. Our services are designed to help you save time and money when having to cancel your travel plans.

Cut Your Travel Cancellation Costs

When you want to get money back on a booking you can’t use rather than making a flight or holiday cancellation our safe and secure service will review all your options and maximise the amount you can recover.

Check Your Terms & Options

There can be a lot to consider when having to change or cancel your travel plans so a good place to start is with the booking terms and conditions. How much will it cost to cancel? Could the booking be changed to another date or destination? Could you transfer it to someone else? We’ve summarised some of the most popular airline transfer and cancellation terms so you can easily check.

Transfer Your Travel Booking

We can help you advertise your booking and find someone else to use it through our secure Salvage Service. If you can’t go, send us the reservation details and we’ll start saving you time by reviewing your options free of charge

Find Cheaper Flights & Holidays

When a flight or holiday is transferred, the person who can’t go avoids cancelling and the new traveller can enjoy the tickets at a discounted price – a real win win! The discounted flight and holiday bookings offered are always cheaper than it would cost to make a new booking and we’re on hand to ensure a smooth and secure transfer process.

Reclaim Your Fight Taxes

Airlines collect taxes when selling air travel but some of these taxes are only paid over the government if you travel. When you don’t travel the tax doesn’t need to be paid and so often you can reclaim it from the airline.